Posted on 28-Dec-2018

London City Chiro-Practice

HELLO LONDON DEVONSHIRE SQUARE 5 PILLARS TO HEALTHIER 2019 Chiropractic care aims to help your body to heal itself. Not only for pain relief but also to improve your function and fitness to optimum level and help with your athletic performance. TRY THESE 5 STEPS IN 2019 TO STAY HEALTHIER WATER: 6 to 8 glasses a day (Check that your urine is odourless and colourless) AIR: Conscious deep breathing at least each hour 3 to 5 reps. Take a regular deep breath in through your nose using your diaphragm muscle aiming to create a big abdomen and breath out through your mouth by relaxing your abdominal muscles. Imagine yourself in good tall posture, then the muscles of your back, core, and rib cage will move more regular. REST: recovery, repair and relaxation: 7 to 8 quality hours per night. Most of us need 5 sleeping cycles of 90 mins each in order to wake up fresh to re-balance our energy. NUTRITION: Help to decrease inflammation with your diet. Have plant-based nutrition including between five to ten units of vegetables, seeds, and fruits a day. Use a rainbow colour variations in your plate food to get as many minerals, vitamins, healthy unsaturated fats and other essential micro-nutrients. Cut down sugar, coffee, alcohol, gluten, dairy and saturated fats. EXERCISE: Daily gentle moderate & regular light walking or swimming: at least one hour a day in small installments to allow tension to decrease. HAPPY AND HEALTHY 2019 FROM LONDON CITY CHIRO-PRACTICE